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Vincent Desiderio: Paintings 1975-2005

Hardcover - November 15, 2005 


Donald Kuspit, Lawrence Weschler, Barry Schwabsky and Mia Fineman.

"The glory of this book is not only that it finally pays tribute to a brilliant genius of a painter, but that it also takes the time to include quality reproductions including five gate fold expansive depictions of his huge canvases. Words of praise fail: this book about this artist is one of the finest books to be printed in 2005."

- Excerpt from review by Grady Harp, Amazon


Theseus: Vincent Desiderio on Art

Hardcover - Aug 15, 2018


Daniel Maidman and Vincent Desiderio

"No editorializing takes place here. There is no fluff. Yet the two men leap from artist to artwork, from observations about narrative structure to biology to the manifestation of surfaces. It is humorous, deadly serious, and very encouraging to witness; the Apollonian and Dionysian impulses can coexist. This conversation demonstrates the joy of an intellectual and poetic exchange between two artists who share a knowledge of the deep concerns of art making in all its myriad forms."

- Excerpt from review by Matt Ballou, in NeotericArt

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