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Founded by the painters Vincent Desiderio and Bernardo Siciliano, the International Center for the Study of Painting (ICSP) promotes a rigorous study of painting. ICSP hosts a program of workshops annually in Italy.


The differences that at one time separated figuration from abstraction and conceptual painting are no longer relevant.  Painting is always and everywhere representational, conceptual, ironic and abstract.  These components, over the last century, have found expression in a variety of new media and styles but they have always been at play within the historical practice of painting. Therefore, today the rejuvenation of painting and the pedagogical methods that provide for its instruction would require a re-evaluation (through close reading) of information embedded within the narrative fabric of technique. 


With a focus spanning the area between execution and theory, students will develop a deeper awareness of the choices they make regarding technique.  They will develop a clearer understanding of the historical origins and precedents related to their own aspirations as painters and be able to place their explorations within the context of today’s horizon of expectations.

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A special thanks to our partners who make possible the running of our workshops:

Maria De Luca

Flaminia Siciliano

Grand Hotel Italia, Orvieto



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