Orvieto Master Classes return July 4-15, 2022

We are delighted to once again offer our master class in glorious Orvieto, Italy.  It is compelling to see the fruits of the Italian efforts to deal with the Covid pandemic.  They were hit especially hard, had serious lock downs, a robust vaccine campaign and have instituted clear guidelines and protocols for life post 2020.  Regions in Italy are divided in a color-coded system ranging from white (very low risk), yellow (low risk), orange (high risk) and red (very high risk) depending on transmission rates and other parameters.  Different restrictive measures apply to each zone.  At this writing, Italy can boast 78% vaccination rate of its population and that all regions are white zones. (click for Zone updates - Orvieto resides in the Umbria region, the only region to not border a coast or another country.)   The CDC recommends that only fully vaccinated people travel internationally and so do we.  We are asking that all who joins us are vaccinated.  This will not only give your fellow students peace of mind, but it allows for ease of movement while in Italy.  For residents of the EU, we ask you to obtain the Green Pass.  For all others, please have both your paper vaccine verification as well as a digital copy. If your state/country does not provide a digital option, you might wish to seek out a free app like Common Pass or subscription app like Clear App.  The paper copy will come in handy when cell service is spotty, or your phone is dead and all you want to do is be seated for dinner. Even though we are confident and excited, we also understand concerns about travel and the twists and turns this virus is taking.  (Yes, I’m looking at you Omicron variant.)  We have certainly learned some lessons about being flexible.  We have always requested a non-refundable $500 deposit.  However in 2020, we fully refunded everyone.  It was the right thing to do.  This year we realize the right thing for us to do is to ask for the $500 deposit to indicate serious interest but allow for Covid related cancellation.  We will grant partial refunds of deposit.  If you or we, cancel due to Covid, we will retain 15% of the deposit ($75) so that we can still pay those who help us with the planning like our marketers, web master, and site-organizers.  In closing, we share this with a helpful check list for international travel from AARP:  Get vaccinated, Know the rules for entry, Don’t expect hassle-free border crossings, Always have a mask handy, Consider travel insurance, Plan ahead for sightseeing Ci Vediamo Presto! Vincent and Bernardo

Orvieto Master Classes

Vincent Desiderio and Bernardo Siciliano

July 4-15, 2022 
with guest lecturer Kurt Kauper

Plus a special session with guest artist Michael Grimaldi

July 18-22, 2022 

The Instructors

Vincent Desiderio
Bernardo Siciliano

The amalgamation of painterly traces that comprise the pictures of Bernardo Siciliano and Vincent Desiderio can be divided into two categories: those made in the heat of perception and those constructed from a conceptual approach.  Although both methods result in images that are high on the spectrum of the “reality effect,” and both display an urgency of execution, they are founded on different premises.  The different nature of the premises and their mutual goals in the terminus of “realism,” highlights and important aspect of the potential for meaning.

The Program

The focus of the workshops will span the area between theory and execution. Participants will develop a deeper awareness of the choices they make regarding technique. They will develop a clearer understanding of the historical origins and precedence of their own aspirations as painters and be able to place their explorations within the context of today’s horizon of expectations.       


Participants will have the opportunity to work closely with both Vincent Desiderio and Bernardo Siciliano who will present two different approaches to method - one involving a sustained development of illumination with a gradual chromatic development and the other emphasizing a more direct application of color. Studio work will be conducted with live models.

The City

Orvieto sits majestically atop an imposing ridge of tufo volcanic stone, overlooking cypress-dotted lowlands.  This small city can boast of outstanding museums, a rich history and some of Italy's best wine. Surrounding the imposing city walls is a lush landscape of natural beauty.  

By G6119PTV [CC BY-SA 3.0