July 4 to 15, 2022


During the two week intensive workshop all participants will have the opportunity to work closely with both Vincent Desiderio and Bernardo Siciliano who will present two different approaches to method - one involving a sustained development of illumination with a gradual chromatic development and the other emphasizing a more direct application of color. Vincent Desiderio and Bernardo Siciliano will give lectures pertaining to painting and its historical/theoretical underpinnings as well as their own work. Studio work will be conducted with live models. ​


Planned Schedule


Morning session

10am - 1pm

Morning instruction with Vincent Desiderio and Bernardo Siciliano. These sessions that will rotate daily between the two artists.  



We break for lunch "on your own."  Time to meet-up with your non-painting companion or get to know a new classmate.  Bring your own lunch or enjoy one of Orvieto's lovely restaurants.

Afternoon session

2:30pm - 5:30pm

Afternoon instruction continues with your morning artist, either Vincent Desiderio or

Bernardo Siciliano.


On select evenings we will have lectures pertaining painting . These lectures will be both historical and theoretical in nature. Vincent Desiderio and Bernardo Siciliano will also give lectures about their work.  Some nights there is studio time available.  On Friday evening we will host a special guest lecturer, Kurt Kauper.  (Read more about him below.)

You are free for diner. 


Weekends are open.  We invite you to participate in our plein air painting workshop.  In addition, Orvieto offers numerous historical and cultural sites for you to explore.  Florence and Rome are easy weekend excursions, as well as the Umbrian countryside.

Weekend Landscape Painting Option 


Between the two week session there will be an optional complimentary weekend landscape painting session taught by Katie Hemmer.


Orvieto and the landscape that surrounds it offer a remarkable opportunity to work from nature. Key positions along the peripheral walls of the city will be suggested as well as locations within the center.


A Special Week with Steven Assael

Workshop info — Steven Assael.png

July 18 to July 22, 2022


The International Center for the Study of Painting will host a week long workshop taught by Steven Assael. Extend your stay a third week for a special price or simply register for this wonderful one week workshop. During this 5 day intensive workshop, students will have the opportunity to explore luminosity as the combined effect of reflected transparency and reflected opacity. The instructor will discuss color as temperature observed from cool to warm and will demonstrate from the model his interpretation of color in a manner which exemplifies the greatest feeling of form. A deeper understanding of the techniques by which palpable form is achieved will sharpen students way of seeing the world and deepening their relationship to painting.

Guest Lecturer Kurt Kauper


Evening of July 8


Guest lecture, Kurt Kauper, will address painters attending our main program on the evening of July 8th.


His figure paintings of historical and imagined people tend to leave expectations unfulfilled, and elide simple categorization. In contradistinction to his clear and precise articulations of form, Kauper’s content is characterized by indeterminacy, unintentionality, ambiguity, fluidity, destabilization, strangeness, amorality, uselessness, and neutrality.